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Friday, April 06, 2012

Easter Crafts - Epic Fail

In years past we've done loads of Easter crafts, spent weeks working on all sorts of fun as well as meaningful projects.

This year, ummmm, whoops.

We made egg heads - like this - and put them on the deck to get some sunlight. The dog ate them.

So I dug some painted pots out of the basement and figured the kids could draw faces on the pots. Problem solved. 

Too bad Easter isn't next week when the 'hair' will be taller and actually look like hair.

I saw this cool idea on Pinterest. I planted a low growing flower thinking that would look really pretty. - Only a few sprouted.

not mine

I added some grass seed. - Didn't grow at all.

I added some presoaked wheatberries. - I put it on the deck each day for sunlight, and the chickens ate half the wheatberries before I could shoo them away. 

I definitely need to give myself more time so I have time for a backup plan.


We did continue our tradition of an Easter tree. We have artwork depicting each Station of the Cross with the appropriate Bible verse, and we read and discuss one a day and hang it on the tree. It's like a mini art appreciation and Bible class in one. 

We also do Resurrection Eggs, but those are primarily for Shane since he doesn't have much interest in art right now.

We'll round out our Easter celebration by going to Bill's mom's on the Eastern Shore Easter afternoon for overeating and egg hunting. Then the kids and I will go to our annual egg hunt with our playgroup friends on Monday.

Have a wonderful Good Friday and Passover!

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