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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Easter Crafts

The Crafty Crow was my inspiration for our fun crafts this year.  Here we have the eggshell mosaic eggs.  These were a lot of fun. First we saved egg shells from hardboiled eggs; when we had enough, we dyed them using regular Easter egg dye. 

I found some self-adhesive foam sheets in my craft stash and cut different sized egg shapes in a variety of colors.  The self-adhesive was nice because we didn't have to fuss with the mess of glue.

Here are our eggheads. I wonder who drew eyelashes and botox lips? I used old grass seed instead of soaked wheat and it didn't grow as well. Our little eggheads have receeding hairlines.

I'm not sure what look Hank was going for here.

Melted crayon eggs. These were almost therapeutic to make. It was quite relaxing to swirl my melting crayon across the egg. They definitely aren't pretty to look at but making them was fun.

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