You must do the things you think you cannot do.
Eleanor Roosevelt


Yep, we're that weird family that homeschools their kids.

It didn't start out that way. Jake happily attended public school from Kindergarten to 3rd grade. Then he *unhappily* attended public school for 4th and 5th grades where he was the repeated target of bullies.

It was a discouraging and frustrating time for us. The school system, at that time, did not have a 'zero tolerance' bullying policy, and while the administration was sympathetic, there was little they could do to change the situation without the cooperation of the bullies' parents.

Homeschooling began to loom over us as the next best choice for Jake, but I was a big chicken. Then the pieces began to fall into place: the arrival of a new baby (Hank), my 1+ hour commute each way to work, and Bill's work hours were changed to the 3rd shift which meant I'd be leaving for work as he was arriving home.

So in 2003 we dove in head first and have been homeschooling ever since. I know there are homeschool naysayers out there. And I'm well aware that there are families who don't do homeschooling well. Just as you would never declare public education a failure because 1 student graduated unable to read or write, you should not declare homeschooling an unacceptable option because you 'heard about' 1 family who did a poor job of it.

We don't homeschool with an elitist attitude. We have many friends who send their kids to private or public school, and we don't view them as unloving or substandard parents. We recognize that homeschooling is not right for every family, and not even every child within a family. It is, however, the right choice for our family.

You can visit the Home School Legal Defense Association for more information on parents' rights and responsibilities for each state.

What We're Using for Schoolyear 2012-13

Hank - 5th grade, Ella - 4th Grade
History, Literature, Geography- Homeschool in the Woods [Revolutionary War through Civil War]
Latin - First Form Latin
Science - Noeo Biology II
Math - Hank, Math Mammoth 5; Ella, Math Mammoth 4
Spelling - Ella, All About Spelling 3
Bible - In the Hands of a Child
Writing - Imitation in Writing, Aesop's Fables
Literature - Co-Op
Election Process/Gov't - Co-Op

Shane - Kindergarten
We enrolled Shane in public school this year!

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