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Saturday, April 10, 2010

10 mile run on the C&O and I won a groovy shirt!

First of all I am happy to report that my doorprize/contest losing streak may be over.  A month or so ago I entered a giveaway for some Tropical Traditions coconut oil.We use tons of it and it can be a little spendy so  I was super excited  when Michelle told me I won. I did win that groovy key chain at the Forest of Needwood race.

Then KK from Running Through Life had a giveaway for a C9 tank, and I won! Don't I look good in it? :) Thanks KK! I love it!!

I wore it this evening for my run on the C&O canal towpath. If you're not from around here then you don't know that the towpath is mostly flat, straight and hard packed dirt...big change from the very curvy, hilly roads I usually run on.

I don't know why but I get really nervous  before my long runs. I start worrying I won't be able to do it...which is silly because I can just stop and walk and it's no big deal,  but my stomach gets funky and my legs feel weird until I make it past my first couple of miles.

This is the first time in a while that I've run 10 miles - I ran 9.5 last weekend, but .5  is .5 so it doesn't count - and I wanted to stack the deck in my favor by running on the towpath. I had a crazy busy day with the kids; we spent the entire day either outside or running errands. I also have to run on an empty stomach so I had to keep an eye on my watch to be sure I didn't slip up and eat something pushing my run to a later time.

Parts of the towpath are a bit remote and I had already planned for Jake to ride his bike while I ran. We got home just a few minutes after Bill which was wonderful because the little kids could stay home with him and I could just run...or so I thought. Little Man wanted to come along so we dusted off the bike seat and I had a  two man support crew.

I'm pretty slow- 10:24 pace tonight- and Shane started hollering that he wanted to turn around at about mile 4. sigh...

I felt really good and strong my whole run. I munched a few sport beans at mile 5, but I didn't feel thirsty, overheated or sluggish so I didn't drink anything. 

There are always snakes on or near the towpath so I kept scanning back and forth to be sure I didn't step on one - I would seriously drop dead if I did. Instead I ran  too close to a goose nest which caused the goose to stand up and hiss at me. I screamed and jumped at least 10 feet; the boys just laughed. I was happy to provide some entertainment for them.

I was able to finish with a bit of kick which always feels good.  Jake raced me to the finish and he totally won - he was on a bike afterall. I finished in 1:44:30 which I'll gladly take. 

Great ending to a great day!

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