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Monday, November 05, 2012

My Wee Little Warriors Dashing About

But first a picture from Shane's Fall Fest party. His public school adventure is still new to us so it's a little exciting. I volunteered to help with his Fall Fest class party so I got to see the costume parade.
My little policeman
Saturday was the 2nd Annual Halloweeney Wee Warrior Dash. This is a free, kids obstacle course run that takes place near Shepherdstown, WV. Dr Mark and the Two Rivers team do a great job of directing this race and making it FUN for all ages.
The course was about a mile long with all sorts of fun challenges for the kids like the pumpkin mine field, hale bale maze, hay roll climb, and more.
My peeps wanted to test things out in advance

Volunteers held the orange tubes up so the kids had to crawl through them to get to the finish

afterwards the kids were encouraged to take a pumpkin, or 10!, home with them

getting over the round bales was harder than it looked.
there were enthusiastic volunteers to help them out

I want Ella's form
And they get medals at the finish!
Downer alert so don't read below if you like end with cheery stuff:
I ran Shane's lap with him and then 2 afterwards with Hank. Shane stopped and started a lot so I didn't have any pain that run. With Hank, I didn't have any pain at all for the first 1/2 mile or so. But after that aching quickly turned to pain so I walked the last half of our second lap.
We have a slew of expenses because of the storm so no chiropractor for me anytime soon. Frustrating, but that's life so I'll keep strength training and doing a little yoga so I don't turn into a blob.
Ok, I don't like to end on a downer either so here goes: The kids' cross country team had their end of season party Saturday evening. The kids ran around looking for baggies of candy while the grown ups stood around and chatted. We have a great group of families on our team so I really enjoyed one last opportunity to hang out with them before we start running again in the spring. :D

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