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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy's Aftermath

Hurricane Sandy was some storm. The wind came in from the west, off the mountains and across the valley in violent gusts. It was like a huge pressure washer pounding against the back of the house for hours. Two windows leaked pretty badly and soaked the floor into the basement.
We're not sure what the extent of that damage is yet. Otherwise the house is ok.
Our yard is another story.
This tree used to be upright

We'll have to take it down because the ground is giving way beneath it

 This is in the field next to us. It belongs to our neighbor so thankfully we aren't responsible for cutting and hauling the wood. Bill will probably help though since chainsaws are toys for men.

A little perspective in size

We used to have to open a gate to get in the backyard. Sandy fixed that for us.

Our smooshed chicken tractor. The chickens were stuck inside and seemed completely unfazed. Bill ripped out one side and off they went scratching and eating.

We gathered the mobile stuff under those trees because we thought they'd be safe there. That's the way it goes sometimes.

And when looking closer at the big evergreen in the front yard, I found where my not-so-smart chickens have been laying their eggs.

The power flickered but never went off. One of my kids is really afraid of storms but didn't freak out even a little. Relatively speaking, the damage is minimal.

From what I've heard so far, none of our friends have catastrophic damage or injuries either. We're so grateful!

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