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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Veterans Day Parade

Sunday was the 80th Brunswick Veterans Day Parade. Our Cub Scout Pack marches in it every year and the boys really enjoy it.
The parents... not so much. The organizers ask us to arrive HOURS before it begins and then hang out. That means we have a dozen or so little boys in uniforms that can't get dirty standing near a playground they aren't supposed to play on. Yea, we let them play on it. Made our lives much easier and who is going to sweat a little dirt that [hopefully] no one is going to notice?
Hank and another boy were the biggest and oldest scouts so they got to carry the flags. They thought that was super cool - at first. Then they realized those flags get really heavy after a while. Still they did a great job and kept the flags upright the whole way.
Hank, center and Shane is on the right

In case you thought we were big city, fancy pants folks, I present to you:
Goats in Patriotic Costumes!

 Only half of our Pack was able to make it, but those who came did a great job. The route is about a mile. It's stop-and-slow walking. Waving. Smiling. Carrying a banner or flag. Dodging candy being thrown from the floats in front of and behind us. All things little boys would rather not do but they rocked it!

 The bigger the banner, the older the boys carrying it. Here is Shane and another Tiger carrying the smallest banner. So cute!

And because I love to share with ya'll the fruit of my uncanny knack for unflattering photos, I bring you this:

Photo credit goes to the mom of 2 of the boys in the picture. The hat is Hank's and for some reason he refused to wear it. I was cold so I was happy to rock it.

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misszippy said...

Cute! Not so cute though having to wait so long at the beginning!


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