You must do the things you think you cannot do.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's like preparing for an invasion

Getting myself to the marathon start is hard enough (hello 3 am wakeup!). But organizing everything so Bill can get 3 kids to 3 races and then to football takes a little preplanning. Now that the mornings are chilly adds to it all.
Below is the race day tote with blanket, water, and snacks. In the two sling bags are smaller fleece blankets along with hats and gloves. On top is the itinerary for Bill. As long as Hank makes it to his race on time, it's all good!

Their shorts, tee shirts and sweats with shoes under each pile, bibs already pinned on.

My junk. I still haven't decided on the handheld. The pile to the right is all for afterwards. I'm going to hang out for their games so I need dry clothes to change into. The pile on the left is my throw away blanket and jacket. I'll be glad when I'm an old pro at this and can just throw what I need into a bag on my way out the door!
Their football stuff was already in the car when I was taking pictures. That's another tote filled with uniforms, flags and pom poms.
Time to get dressed and git 'r done! I'm excited!

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