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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Crazy busy life of mine

I'm not even sure where to begin. Once again life has run me over, and I'm trying like crazy to catch up.

So let's see in the last week alone...

~ Hank spent the week at Bill's mom's. Then he got strep throat and was treated like royalty while my MIL fussed and fretted over him. Not surprisingly, he wants to move in with her now because while mom is great, no one takes care of you better than grandma (she's way more patient than I'll ever hope to be!).

~Ella bridged from Brownies to Juniors, and we had a pizza party with her Troop. Fun! Ate too much. :(

~Bill gave a geek presentation at a conference in DC. He's an IT guy, and I have no clue what he does beyond fixing my computer when I whine about it being too slow, but he was nervous about it and it went well so it's worth mentioning here.

~Our running club has a summer run series called the Decathlon....because it consists of 10 weeks of events. Clever, eh?  We were able to go and Shane rocked the 600 meter kids run - by weaving in front of the kid trying to pass him. Bad form, buddy. One little guy made it his mission to follow Shane and completely drive him over the edge. Quite successfully because Shane punched him in the stomach. We left so that we could chat a little more about that at home. ;)

~ Ella and Shane participated in a Flag Retirement Ceremony.  Shane's first as a participant instead of a spectator. He's very happy to be a real live Tiger Scout now.

This is the same evening we discovered that hiding popsicle sticks and partially filled freezer pop wrappers will attract black ants to the boys' bedroom like nobody's business. I got to empty their dresser and wash every item of clothing they own in addition to wiping out the drawers, cleaning out their nightstand and digging all the crap out from under their bed. Fun times, I tell ya'

~ Ella, Shane and I helped out at the finish line of a local charity fundraiser race. Local, small, fundraiser races draw a lot of folks who don't know what the heck they're doing in terms of running a 5K. The finish line is a fun place to work when it's not chip timed (we were tearing tags off bibs), runners pin their numbers to their backs, and they stagger across the finish and out of the finish chute almost puking while you try to keep everyone in order while not tackling the wayward finisher.

But, it was for a good cause and we had a great time cheering for folks. Some were even so kind as to start unpinning their entire bib because they thought that was what we needed.

~ Then we headed to the eastern shore to celebrate Hank's 10th birthday. Yes the oldest of my 'babies' is 10 now. It's hard to believe the little stinker is such a young man now. I may need to find a baby or two to sniff so that my ovaries will stop twitching.

~ We got home at midnight on Saturday so that Sunday we could get up at 6:30 and head out for a trail run, church and work. I took Ella and Hank with me to run (he was 3 days into his meds and not contagious though not ready to run either), and Bill took Shane with him to church. Jake had to be a grownup and go to work. My trail adventure will be another post. In short, it was fun and I didn't fall down. Total success.

I forgot to tell you that we've been at the pool everyday this week except Tuesday (rain) for at least 2 hours. The water is freakin' cold so I'm not swimming, but the kids are having a blast.

On top of everything I listed  above, I'm also deeping cleaning and reorganizing the house one room at a time.

Did I mention that I'm considering a fall marathon so I'm following Higdon's Intermediate Marathon plan? More on that later too. :D

In short, I'm lounging around, doing nothing and enjoying lots of peace and quiet so far this summer. You?

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Jen said...

ha! busy, busy - just a bit going on - eh? I feel the same way girl! Way to set those goals and tackle them. :)


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