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Monday, June 18, 2012

Flag Retirement Ceremony

The Boy Scout Troop that our Cub Scouts are affliated with have a flag retirement ceremony twice a year...Flag Day (June 15th this year) and Veteran's Day (in Nov) and they always invite our Cub Scouts to participate.

The Girl Scouts were invited, too

Shane has attended plenty of these and watched Hank and Ella. Last night was his first time as a bona fide Tiger Scout, and he was just a wee bit excited.

getting the fire started is the hardest part

The kids each read a patriotic quote and then place their flag on the fire. We had a lot of flags to retire so each kid had several turns at the podium.

boys, sticks and fire go together like peas and carrots

Shane was the youngest kid there and it was really sweet to watch the older scouts take him under their wings and make sure he safely put his flag on the fire - which got really hot and big.

The Scoutmaster is the wife of the kids' cross country coach, and my kids really like her.

I love that my kids have this opportunity to learn about and participate in this patriotic ceremony.

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