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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Wilderness Wednesday- Reno Monument

It has been another beautiful week here in western MD so we've been outside every chance we get.

A friend suggested a group of us moms meet at the local creamery for ice cream and calf feeding. They also have a playground with a big gravel pit filled with Tonka trucks to play with. Fun!

I figured if we were going to eat ice cream we should probably get a little exercise too. So the kids and I parked at Reno Monument and headed north on the AT. I had never been on this section of the trail and thought it was very pretty. It's nice to see all the trees and plant life waking up and sprouting leaves and flowers.

We also caught a glimpse of some animal life waking up. I looked down and saw what I thought was a worm. Then I realized it was a baby snake. We looked it up when we got home and learned we were actually quite lucky to have spotted this little guy. Northern Ringneck snakes are nocturnal, and while common are rarely spotted by people because they tend to stay hidden during the day.

It was almost cute, in a creepy, snakey way.

Then we headed down the mountain to South Mountain Creamery. Their ice cream is seriously delish and so is their milk - which you can get pasturized but not homogenized.

Each day at 4 you can help feed the calves which is always fun. If you get a sweet, non crazy calf, it will suck on your fingers while you pet its soft, fuzzy head until the bottles arrive. If you get a not sweet, crazy calf (like Shane had), it will roll its eyes back and jump at you until the bottles arrive.

Either way, the kids love it.

Ella had a sweet calf but she was grossed out at the thought of it slobbering all over her fingers so she just pet it.

Excellent day, and an outstanding time spent with wonderful friends!


misszippy said...

I get my milk delivered from them every week! I've always wanted to get out there to do the calf feeding with the kids.

We had one of those baby snakes in our house last year--not so cute that way!

*~*~* Tracy said...

Calf feeding is fun, even for older kids, and if there aren't very many people, you can feed more than one calf.

We had a snake in the basement last year...very not cute. I almost keeled over!

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