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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flat, Easy Long Run

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I struggled mightily on last week's 10 mile run. It was hot and hilly and was pretty much a yuck of a run. I decided for this week's long run, I'd hit the tow path, take it easy, run slow, enjoy the scenery.

I got half of it right. I was on the tow path, and I enjoyed the scenery.

Good morning, Harpers Ferry!

Lately I seem to have 2 speeds...10ish m/m and walk. I wanted to run 10:30/11 and really just take it easy. I'd look at my watch, see that I was going too fast, slow down, and before I knew it I was back at around 10 m/m.

This was fine for the first 8 miles, but my legs started getting really tired the last 4 miles.

Around mile 3 I ate an old Gu I've had taped to my bike since September. It expired in December but I figured it would be fine since it has been in my cool, dark basement. Then at miles 6 and 9 I munched some banana chips. They were ok, not great, and they didn't hurt my stomach.  I also mixed about a tablespoon of honey in my water and that worked just fine, too.

I've noticed lately on my long runs as I get tired, I start whacking the inside of my right ankle with my left heel. WTH???

I'd love any insight on what the heck I'm doing with my gait and what I need to strengthen.

I also wore my Nathan Speed 4 belt this morning. I prefer to eat/drink very little because of my stomach and my unending need to pee, but I needed to schlep my phone and car key so I wore a hydration belt. 

I haven't used this particular belt in a really long time and darn if it didn't rub a raw spot on my lower back. I tried to take a picture of my back but I'm not that kind of flexible so I'll have to wait until Bill gets home to see what's happening back there.

All in all it was a good run and a wonderful start to the weekend! 

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