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Eleanor Roosevelt

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Week's End Update

I'm such a bad blogger these days, but I just haven't been able to keep my head above water long enough to write anything worth reading.  So I'll just do an update since my last post

For starters the kids are playing Upwards Basketball this year. That means one night a week we spend at practice and then games on Saturday. With 3 kids playing that's about 4 hours worth of cheering and encouraging.

If it were just me, we wouldn't do it because it is such a big chunk of time in our already crazy schedule - BUT - the kids *love* it. Like wear their uniform shirts every other day and tell everyone they know that they play basketball love it. So it's a keeper.

Shane showing off his great shooting form

I haven't posted much about running because it hasn't been particularly exciting or amazing...until this week.

I don't know what happened but on each of my runs this week, I finally felt good and really enjoyed myself. Previously I was mentally ready to be done as soon as I started, going over the list of things waiting for me at home.

We've been having some issues with our oldest and it's wearing on me and draining me emotionally. On my runs this week I didn't think about any of the crap and focused on other areas of my life, and it felt pretty darn good.

Hank's team waiting for the game to start

I'm reading an excellent book, "You'd be so pretty if..." by Dara Chadwick. To say I have issues with my body image would be an understatement, and I want, more than I can express, to spare Ella the pain of that as she gets older. Yet the more I read of this book, the more I realize I'm perpetuating the same insecurities with my self-deprecating comments and love/hate relationship with food.

Once I finish the book, I'll have to do a separate post on what I've taken away. Very eye opening so far though.

I chose this picture of her team to illustrate just how teeny she is. But it also shows just how brave she is. That little peanut gets out there and hangs with all those giants. She's not a particularly gifted bball player, but she's strong and doesn't give up.
She's in the middle behind #5 (who was the shortest player until Ella joined).

We also enjoyed more unbelievable weather so we did some hiking. Hank had pink eye (again); Shane had an ear infection. A cub scout meeting. A cub scout-related religion class. A girl scout meeting. A homeschool class at the library. A homeschool co-op class. And that's not everything that was on our calendar; it was just the stuff we actually accomplished.

Crazy busy, but a good crazy.

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