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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Freeze Your Thorns Off Virtual Race

This morning I ran in the 2nd Annual Freeze Your Thorns Off virtual race hosted by the witty, in a boring way, The Boring Runner.

I signed up for the 1st Annual FYTO last winter but was a big ol' DNS because of my IT band.

I have to admit that my training has been pretty hit or miss around Thanksgiving so I'm in terrible shape, and actually just this week started "Official Half Marathon Training" [said in a booming, echo-y voice].

My training plan called for 4 miles. My children called all with an ear ache and the other with a stuffed nose that made him snore like a diesel engine all night.

I wasn't going to give up so easily though. Sleep be damned! I will run. Plus this weekend is back to back with activities so it was this morning or no morning.

Everything was in place...

Cold weather

Me dressed like a homeless person hovering over a barrel fire

It was a pretty uneventful run other than the fact that I was tired and hungry at the start because I forgot to eat when I woke up. And I had to step off the road twice for oncoming cars, but at least they didn't swerve towards me.

Finish time: 31:29. Not lightning fast, but then even pre-injury I was never speedy. I'll happily take it. Thank you very much. :D

Yes, this is totally staged. I had my oldest son stand on the side of the road taking lots of pictures and this one was the silliest.

I learned two things: These particular tights chaff me at the waist band in one spot. I have to braid my hair because the wind kept blowing it in my face even though it was in a ponytail.

Thank you Adam for hosting the race and encouraging us all to get our miles in even when it's freezing cold out.

I hit publish instead of save before I was done. It has been a little crazy today!

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