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Monday, February 06, 2012

Scout Sunday

Yesterday was Scout Sunday. Our chartering organization (non profit org that sponsors us) is a local church so it made perfect sense that they'd have a little ceremony in honor of both the Boy Scout Troop and the Cub Scouts.

I put Ella in her uniform and stuck her in line for an added dose of cuteness. The boys led a flag ceremony and did a scripture reading. Then we had each boy introduce himself (Ella too); handing a 7 y/o a microphone is always fun and entertaining.

Hank on his death march.
Don't know why he looks so glum; he knew he would be getting donuts at the end


3 of my 4 Webelos

Children's Story time

I didn't take pictures of their display board, but afterwards the congregation came down for donuts and juice and to chat with the boys.

My den made a display of Fire Safety and Hiking Safety rules as well as the principles of Leave No Trace. Litter makes me crazy so I constantly drill my boys on LNT.

They scored a cool patch, munched donuts, and hung out with friends so I think a good time was had by all.

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