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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ice Skating at the Sculpture Gardens

Continuing on our field trip adventure...

We headed across the street to the sculpture garden so that we could use our kids college funds to ice skating with 100's of our closest friends.  Ok, it wasn't quite that bad, but it is expensive (~$13 adult w/skates for 2 hours) and it was crowded.

Bill opted not to skate so he could take pictures.

Hank was a little nervous, but once he got started, he was gone

Ella, as usual, took off and did great

Shane and I.... I'm not a great skater at all, but I can stay upright if I pay attention to what I'm doing.
Shane, otoh, had no idea what he was doing. He would crash and just lie there while people zipped around him. I envisioned his fingers being sliced off. So I ended up skating behind him, holding him upright by the back of his coat.

Crazy, I know

Snow Squirrel

Yep my back was a little sore after this

Hank jamming to Funky Town

He came up to me, "Mom! Did you see all my moooves?!"

The sculpture gardens are really pretty and the kids had a great time. Note that they clear the ice every 45 minutes and then Zamboni for 15 minutes. So you're really paying for 2 hours but skating for only 1 1/2 [which was plenty for me].

We went ice skating in Frederick with some friends the next day and Shane did better. It's definitely a 'practice makes perfect' sport.

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misszippy said...

My kids love to ice skate and we hardly ever do it, which is just dumb! Plus it is included in our gym package.

Your back had to be killing you after that! Good mama to pitch in like that. I'll be the kids had a blast.


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