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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

National Gallery of Art field trip

Thanks for your patience with my blogging hiatus. Between teaching at co-op, basketball, and scouts my kids' calendars have overtaken my life. I do have some pictures I want to get posted before I completely forget...

We went to the National Gallery of Art for a field on January 2nd. We typically 'go downtown' every year just before Christmas [before it's so crowded you can hardly breathe], but this year for a number of reasons we held off until after Christmas. I'm writing this here so I dont' forget...go *before* Christmas.

The NGA is a beautiful building and they had decorated very nicely for Christmas. Not that the kids noticed, but I did, and I enjoyed it.

We went to see their Renaissance art, but after we did all the 'school' stuff, we checked out some fun paintings...

Tired from counting all the lions in Daniel and the Lions Den

Checking to be sure the end of the violin on the table really does 'follow' you

And making sure their eyes follow you

 It began as a nice group photo
 And quickly became

an opportunity for

Daddy to intervene

That's better, sort of

One day we'll have a normal picture of Shane. It just wasn't that day

Field trip notes:
- With a large family, it's often cheaper or at least as expensive to just drive and park rather than take the Metro. If you have your car handy, you can stash coats, water bottles, lunches, etc w/o having to schlep them around. Some museums will let you take water bottles in and some won't. NGA has a coat check room so I was able to leave our backpack of food and drink in there.
- Getting through 'security' at the NGA was very any bags for inspection, walk through the metal detectors, don't sweat or act shifty- oh wait that's the airport. Anyway, there was no hassle getting in.
- The guides, docents, and security folks were all very nice and didn't give us any dirty looks for having a bunch of kids there [we were with our co-op and had ~20 kids from K-12th with us]
- The NGA is very large with lots to see. Definitely do your research beforehand so you have a plan of what you want to see.
- The do have sculptures and paintings of nekid people so be aware if that's a concern.

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