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Friday, January 27, 2012

Five for Friday - snake handler's edition

Warning: There's a picture of Ella petting a snake so proceed with CAUTION!!

Don't say I didn't warn you.

So January has been pretty insane but a lot of fun too.  We had a day of 'if we don't get out of the house, there may be blood shed' so we called some friends and arranged a playdate at a nearby nature center.

This particular center doesn't get a lot traffic during the week, and the naturalists are all super nice so they're very happy to take the creatures out of their cages and let the kids pet and/or feed them. They got to feed the turtles and pet the snakes. :shudder:

My baby girl petting a snake. She held it and it slithered around her arm.
I almost fainted so I didn't get a picture.

They have a playground with climbing ropes and rocks. My little man striking a pose.
(He dressed himself; I know you're impressed.)

Next we scheduled Ella for a Wegmans cooking class. If you have a Wegmans near you, definitely check out one of their classes. Very hands on and very fun for only $5 per. She loved it. She and Shane are both signed up for one in February. I may sing a different tune after they toss us out onto the street because Shane was a butt scratching hooligan (my Facebook friends will understand and appreciate that one).

Because only boring people sit at home and do things like vaccuum or do laundry (that's what I tell myself because those things are not happening at my house), we decided it was time for another AT hike. This time we brought along one of Ella's friends from Girl Scouts. I think we'll make it a regular date. We all had a great time and Elizabeth found a very cool fungus.

We had an opportunity for 4 of us to catch a MD game with good friends as well as Bill's dad and his girlfriend. Ella was sick so she and Jake stayed home playing Wii while Bill and I took the little boys to the game. Afterwards we celebrated MD's win with dinner and a Tic Tac Toe tournament at Silver Diner.

As the month is winding down, we visited our library for a Chinese New Year craft and parade. Ella was the only Chinese person attending -which is actually unsual for our little town. She felt a little shy in her Chinese dress but I stuffed Shane into our last remaining boy's outfit so she wasn't the only in traditional dress.

Do you feel out of sorts with too much white space on your calendar? Apparently I do.

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