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Friday, September 09, 2011

Friday Photos

Today was the first day of our history and literature co-op (homeschool speak for families who get together and teach classes as a group).  We're studying from the fall of Rome to 1800 this year and today's lesson was about the Celtic barbarians who invaded Rome as well as their own country to regain it from the Romans. Fun stuff!

One skeery barbarian

For some reason Shane wanted to go for a run 'on the road' so after co-op we put on our shoes, and fuel belts and reflective vests so that we could wog about 1/2 a mile out and back.

The boys put water in the containers which made the belts too heavy for them. Ella was content to just wear the hydration pack without filling it. It was like playing Runner Dress Up...why be a princess when you can be a runner?

It continues to rain or mist practically nonstop, and it's warm out so it's not the best running weather in the afternoon. We originally planned to wog to the stinky farm and back which would be about 2 miles.

Not even close. The wheels fell off Shane's little world at less than 1/2 mile so we walked most of the way back with him screaming for me to carry him...which I can't do for very far because it kills my back.

In spite of Napoleon's outburst we had a good time. It's nice to run with my pipsters again. Happiness.

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