You must do the things you think you cannot do.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday's Fret, Fact and Fun

I'm totally copying Jen this morning....

Fret: My first (ever, in my life) sprint Tri is next week. Like in less than 9 days I'll be hopping in the water and trying not to drown. I'm so undertrained, it's not even funny. I have taken it extremely easy, particularly with running so I don't reinjure myself.  Because of that, I'm not beating myself up for taking a rest day or choosing an easy workout over a tough one. While my goal is simply to finish, I don't want to look silly out there so I'm a little nervous.

Fact: Funny enough, I'm claiming Jen's fact for myself, too. Thanks Jen for doing all this work for me! I am beyond exhausted. We've had some crazy weather- lots of lightning and such - which has me tossing and turning (from the light show and the noise). I've also been insanely busy and can't seem to shut it all down. Maybe I shouldn't mention the night I stayed up really late so I could finish The Glass Castle. What a great book. You should read it.

Fun: I'm going camping with my little Webelos den this weekend. We leave tonight to meet up with 100 of our closest friends so we can all camp in a field with no showers and only porto pots. There is a McD's within walking distance so I figure I can hike up there to use their potty occasionally.  We're leaving the campout Sunday morning and coming straight home to shower so we can go to the kids first cross country meet of the season. Should be a fun, if not tiring, weekend.

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