You must do the things you think you cannot do.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Because just sitting around is boring

A little rewind of my weekend...Saturday morning bike ride and running clinic. Saturday evening Cub Scout picnic. Sunday morning church. Sunday afternoon shoe giveaway. Since I survived all that and was still standing, I thought I should call up a friend of mine and go for a bike ride.

She's a new, 'later in life' athlete who is going to do the same tri I am. Our boys are in Cub Scouts and cross country together so it's nice that we get along and enjoy doing similar things too.

The bike course for our tri is 'rolling hills' which around here is generally nothing to sneeze at so we've been trying to ride a hilly course nearby as often as we can.

I had planned to go home right after our ride, but we started talking about the importance of brick workouts and decided to do a quick hike up to Weverton Cliffs. Going from the parking area up to Weverton Cliffs is anything but a quick hike- its' about a mile up with lots of rocks and switchbacks. But I didn't know that because I had never been up there before.

It is a nice hike, and I really enjoyed it. And the view from the top is just stunning. I took the picture below with my phone. Even a dinky camera can't mess up a view like this!

It's ok to be jealous. I would be too.

By the time I got home, I was really tired! I declared Monday a rest day and slept in!

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Teamarcia said...

How fun!


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