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Eleanor Roosevelt

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My little Webelos Scout

After my bike, run, bike adventure I got home in time to shower and chill for a couple of hours before heading off to our next adventure...The Cub Scout Welcome Back Picnic.

Because of Irene we had to move to an indoors location which meant we suddenly needed indoor games and activities for about 20 boys. No problem. Ha!

I already drove Bill crazy with my rant about how people in volunteer organizations complain about things but never step up to help. And then the same handful of people who always do everything, end up doing everything again. Yea, I won't go there right now, but it continues to be the reality of my busy life.

In the meantime, my little squirt....He went to summer camp where he earned about a bazillion belt loops and pins for all the activities he did. We also do a bunch of stuff at home because we're geeks. 

I'm the Webelos Den Leader this year (heaven help us all!) so I got to give the boys in my den their awards. It was really fun to give Hank his. He has worked really hard so it's nice to be able to publically pat him on the back.

Great job Hank!!

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misszippy said...

So cute! I'm on your page--people who won't step up but love to complain: grrrr!


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