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Eleanor Roosevelt

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Race Volunteer and a Running Club Banquet

This morning Hank and I woke at the crack of dawn to make our way through the frosty mist to the outskirts of Frederick for the Lewis Memorial 10 Miler.  I ran this race last year as an 'accidental 10 miler' - I was supposed to run just 5 miles of it but I missed a turn and ended up running the whole 10 miles.

Setting up the clubhouse before we headed out into the frozen tundra
Surviving that is what inspired me to run a half marathon so this race is special to me. I had high hopes of kicking butt and taking names this year, but Providence had other plans for me.  It was hard to watch everyone run by having so much fun, but I can't wave a magic wand over my hip to make it better. This is just a season, and I can wallow in misery (the easy thing for me to do) or I can use this time to grow in other ways - physically, mentally and spiritually.  

We used less than a gallon of water. Yep, just a few hardcore, insane runners ran today
One thing I like to do when I can is volunteer at races. It's not as much fun as running but there is an element of excitement. It's also a nice way to give back to the running community which has been very kind to me. So Hank and I volunteered to man the water station this morning in the rainy cold.

Me and my monkey

This is a very low key club race and it had been rescheduled from last weekend due to bad weather. The weather this morning wasn't much better so there were only about 20 runners.

I had him hang out in the car while we waited for runners

All in all it was cold and wet but a lot of fun and I'm glad we were able to help out.

Then tonight Bill and I attended the annual banquet for the Frederick Steeplechasers.  Always fun to hang out with other runners, especially if they're crazier and more hardcore - makes me look a little more normal to Bill.

I'd love to take a picture where I didn't look like an escaped mental patient I've had half a bottle of wine someone just jabbed me with a tack.
Poor Bill is saddled with being the normal one in our marriage.

Another insanely busy but very fun Saturday! Tomorrow is the Super Bowl so I need to hit the hay so I can get up early to clean the house before church.
Go Packers!!

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The Green Girl said...

I love that Hank came with you. He looks adorable in his vest - and very happy!


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