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Thursday, December 09, 2010

When Uncle Todd visits

Internet connection: Restored. Additional photo storage: Purchased. Card reader for camera's memory card: In hand.

Yes, all the silly little things that attempted to thwart my electronic life have been taken care of. Thankfully I didn't feel too stressed or upset while waiting for these things to be remedied. My only real concern was being able to get my pictures off my camera. I print very few pictures so the kids' childhoods are recorded almost entirely electronically (backed up externally. we learned that lesson the hard way and have just a handful of Shane's baby pictures as a result)

My baby brother, Todd, lives near Norfolk, Virginia which isn't too far to visit, but far enough that visits aren't frequent - or as frequent as we'd like.  Being a single guy he often decides on the spur of the moment to visit us so I was pleasantly surprised when I got an email from him late last week letting me know he was coming up to visit. I told him I was glad for the heads up so I could vacuum and mop the kitchen. He's family but there's no need to completely gross him out!

Uncle Potty (when Shane was younger and said Toddy is sounded like Potty. hehehe) is a no nonsense former military guy and the kids *love* him - even if he makes them do push ups for not doing their chores when I ask them to. He also wrestles with them which Hank and Shane totally enjoy. They have so much energy that it's nice to have someone who can keep up.

He brought us his old flat screen TV since he got a new one. Our TV was easily 10+ years old so this was a big deal - especially to the football-watching guys in the house.Shane followed him like a fly on honey the whole time he was here, helping assemble the TV stand, moving the old TV. Wherever Todd was you could be sure Shane was near by.

Todd needed to leave really early Sunday, before Shane was awake, and I knew he would be devastated to wake and find Todd gone so I told Todd we needed to wake Shane first.

Todd was all too happy to be the one to wake him. Todd lived with us briefly when he first retired from the military and very early each morning Shane would tippy toe into Todd's room, tap him on the shoulder, whisper something to wake Todd and then take off like a rocket out of the room.

Good morning, Stinky Toes

You're going to jump on me for waking you?

They ran around and wrestled for a little bit, but then Todd had to go.
Squishing Ella's guts out (that's what we say when we give a big hug)

Hank's guts were next

More Shane wrestling

And then Shane stood on the porch and waved goodbye long after Uncle Todd's truck was out of view.

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Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

I could feel your kids' excitement seeing their uncle Tod =)


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