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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Penguins at the Reindeer Run

This morning Hank and I ran the Reindeer Rescue Run to benefit the Frederick Rescue Mission.  It's an untimed fun run made up of 3 loops and you can run 1, 2, or 3 loops.  It's up to you.

The entry fee is canned good or clothing donations for the Rescue Mission and they have a costume contest to add a little more fun to the mix. Last year Hank and I ran just one loop and didn't dress up. This year we were ready to kick it up a notch.

Aren't we cute little penguins!

Since it was a low key run the course wasn't marked; we'd run to a major turn, then stop and wait for everyone to catch up.

Hank ROCKED the run. He did 2 loops and ran 4.25 miles.

He was the only little kid until the 3rd loop when 1 other little guy showed up. At the end of the second loop Hank was really tired so I parked him in the car with a book and a blanket, oh yeah Jake was there with him  too.

I'm a rare breed penguin with blue legs

Waiting for everyone to catch up

We ran along Carroll Creek and the side walk was icy in places. I was watching Hank to be sure he made it up a pair of steps ok and I FELL! So embarrassing to be a falling penguin. Thankfully I didn't tear my sweats or tights because I would have been a very sad penguin. And thankfully Hank is better coordinated than his mom because he zipped around on the ice like it was nothing.


Some friends from church came for the 3rd loop. The husband of one of my friends said he's going to think of 3-2-1 Penguins when he sees me from  now on. Space cowboy penguins...that'll work. hahaha! I ended up running 7 miles and felt really good.
Getting ready to start the 3rd loop

After the run we were all invited to eat breakfast at the mission to hear their schpeal. They're a great organization. This year they're on target to serve 100,000 meals, up from 90,000 the year before. They also serve the working poor by providing boxes of food.

In line for breakfast

After breakfast,  the staff votes on the best costumes and my little penguin boy won a $25 gift card to our local running store. He was so excited.  Such a cutie!

Me and my monkey penguin

I'm still working on my post from our trip to the White House and we went to a Christmas parade last night. Lots of fun stuff happening this afternoon, too. I need administrative staff to help me keep up!

Happy running!!


Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

awesome penguin costumes! too cute =)

The Green Girl said...

I love love love the penguin costumes! Too cute!


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