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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kris Kringle Parade

Each year in early December the 'big city' near us has their Kris Kringle parade which announces Santa's arrival into town. And for the last 4, maybe 5?, years we've met our wonderful friends Mr and Mrs P to watch the parade and then walk to a local coffee shop for cocoa and conversation. Love it!

Ella and Shane hanging out waiting for the parade to start

We meet near the beginning of the parade in front of the Civil War Medicine museum. They have interesting displays in their window. Like this woman nursing this almost dead guy back to health. The boys, of course, think it's pretty cool. Ella always wonders if the woman had to walk in the fields in her dress and if it got torn or dirty.

Why that lady hold that man? He got shot?

A reasonably good group shot

The parade is made up mostly of boy and girl scout troops dressed in fun Christmas costumes likes elves, presents, angels, etc. This year there was a group of boys dressed as chimney sweeps pulling a wagon decorated to look like a chimney/rooftop. Pretty cool, and methinks Hank and I may copy them for the Reindeer Run next year. The wheels are always turning here...

Santa! Where are you!

The local theatre and dance troupes also join the fun, and little kids in costume run along the sides of the street handing out candy canes to little kid spectators.  It's a fun, hometown parade that the kids really enjoy. It's rarely crowded so we can get front row seats without being smushed or crowded.

Then we walk a few blocks to a local coffee shop where we hog a bunch of tables and dump our coats everywhere park the kids at one table to play games and us at another table to drink coffee and chat, my favorite part!

Pardon the bangs; she has decided to donate her hair so now we just need to make the appointment

We don't see Mr and Mrs P very often but when we do, the time we spend with them is as comfortable as your favorite blankey. We just fall into great conversation where we left off and laugh - a lot.

Another wonderful Christmas memory


Teamarcia said...

Super fun! Looks cold though. Gotta love a festive orange grin!

Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

how fun! looks like wonderful memories were created during this day =)

The Green Girl said...

I never would have thought of dressing up as a chimney sweep - how clever!


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