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Thursday, December 16, 2010

19 degrees and running partners

It was 19 degrees at 8:30 this morning, but not snowing or windy; a couple of hours later there's a light snow making its way to the ground. Not exactly ideal running weather, but not too horrible either.

If you're one of my friends on Daily Mile, then you may know that I've been whining for a running partner for months. Ask and you shall receive.  A couple of the moms from Hank's cross country team started running during practice so I joined them. We ran countless .36 mile loops around the middle school and when the season recently ended we decided to keep running together.

This morning only two of us could run so Lori arrived at my house to run 'the stinky farm route*' with me. It's a nice little 3 mile out and back but Big Bertha the hill is at mile 2ish. Of course there are plenty of rolling hills in between to keep your attention, too.

We ran 3.05 in 29:42 which is a 9:44 pace. A little fast for me and I was gasping for breath at the end, but it always feels good to put my feet on the pavement.

I have to say that running with others has made me kick it up a notch. There have been times when I would have either walked or even cut my run short, but having 2 other people there with me has made it easier to push through any pain or discomfort and keep going (if I thought I was injured I would stop, I'm talking  things like a little side cramp).  I am also more likely to hop on the treadmill when the weather is bad so that I can keep up with them the next time we get together.

I still enjoy running my long runs alone so I can adjust my pace as I need to, but having company for my mid-week runs has been really nice.

yep, I sweat even when it's freezing out

Hank is sulking in the background because he wanted to come with. He was sick earlier this week so we didn't think it was a good idea to traipse around in sub-freezing weather. Next time buddy.

The three of us plan to run a couple of times a week for as long as the weather holds out, and we're talking about running the Frederick Half Marathon together in May. Can't wait!

*I call it the stinky farm route because it goes right through the middle of a dairy farm. If you've ever visited a dairy farm then you know what 'stinky' really is.


misszippy said...

So glad you found some running partners...makes it so much fun!

Molly said...

great job getting out there, I get nasty sweaty in the cold too!! : )

Caratunk Girl said...

Running partners rock. I get all sweaty no matter how cold it is! Great job!


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