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Eleanor Roosevelt

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Running with my boys

I've been running with Hank's track coaches on Monday and Wednesday nights. Hank has been able to join us just a couple of times, but I've had a great time getting know his coaches and team mates a little better.

Last night was beyond hot and humid and Hank didn't want to run so I wasn't going to make him.  Shane has had a cold for the last few days and has been really crabby so I didn't want to leave Jake with all three littles.  That meant pushing the stroller up some hills in the blazing heat again. Last night I told one of the moms that I try not to complain about it since I find that it's a great workout- though I won't hesitate to admit that it's hard as all get out. All of us only ran 1.6 miles last night because it really was that awful out. I didn't feel like such a wimp when I saw the fast group cutting it short and heading back to the parking lot.

When we got back in the truck Shane asked if I was running tomorrow (today, Thursday) and I said I was. He asked me to please wait until he was awake so he could go with me. I was so impressed with his 'please' instead of screaming or throwing a fit that I said I would.

Shane is usually the last one up so that meant it was going to be hot and humid by the time we got on the road. Once Ella and Hank realized Shane was going, they both wanted to come. Pushing both Ella and Shane in the heat, up the even bigger hills near my house would be too much so I asked her to stay home. Thankfully Bill worked from home today so she was willing to spend time with daddy in lieu of running.

Hank on the other hand could not be convinced to stay home so I set out with my two little guys.

Ella smiling once she realized she'd be home with daddy

Hank stretching the same way as Mr Incredible

Shane took this picture

Below is the big ol' hill I get to run up.  It doesn't look so big and bad in this picture. To help give you a little perspective... See the tree at the top of the hill near the center? Look to the left under it and there's a sign for the dairy. It is in a raised flower bed and standing on the road the sign is over my head and wider than my arms can stretch. And the house on the left is a two story; you can only see the 2nd story here.

And that's not even the end of the hill. It plateaus briefly and then goes up (more gradually though) for another 100 yds or so. It's a killer hill but it makes me stronger so I have learned to love it!

Hank was pretty tired by the time we made it to the hill so I parked him at the sign while I ran  down the hill to the end of the road and back up to him - he could see me the whole time.

This road from beginning to end is only 1.3 miles (2.6 out and back) so I was going to run back another half mile to make a 3.6 mile total run. Hank wasn't having any part of it so I finished my run on the treadmill.

I'm having more fun training for my next half than I did my first. Since I'm also doing strength and cross training I don't stress as much about getting exactly the right number of miles. I am making sure I get my long runs in, but I'm really enjoying my mid-week runs so far. And I'm glad my kiddos enjoy tagging along with me.


Anonymous said...

I do believe I dropped you on your head at birth or very shortly thereafter. YIKES you do punish yourself BUT I am proud of you for it:)

Tracy said...

You're silly, mom. :) I don't consider it punishment; it's fun! But I'm sure others would agree that I may have been dropped on my head a time or two.


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