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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Not quite the Super Bowl, but close

Hank's last football game was Saturday morning, and we were so excited that Dee Dee and Jennifer could come watch him.

It was a little chilly but thankfully Dee Dee is always prepared (because I am definitely not), and she had extra blankets, hats, gloves, you name it, in the back of her van. Yea Dee Dee!

Ella and Jennifer passing the time coloring and reading books

Hank dropping back for a pass

He ran for a touchdown, we were so glad Dee Dee was there to see it. He also had some great passes when it was his turn to be quarterback. Everyone on his team played really well. It was fun to watch them and remember back to the beginning of the season. They've grown so much in just a couple of months.

They have hot dogs available for a donation - they're free but they'd like for you to toss a buck or two into their donation jar. I figured with two hotdog eating monsters (E and S) coming to each game, we could give 50 cents for each hotdog and not feel guilty at all.
Dog, no bun, heavy mustard please

Gah! I can't believe he's 8!

His team went on to win the game. I don't know what their record was for the season since we didn't completely understand the scoring system, but I think they did pretty well.

His banquet was Sunday afternoon but we didn't have time to stay for it so we picked up his gift (a football) and snapped a quick picture with his coach.

Thanks Coach Robert!

It was a great experience and it was really nice to see Hank blossom from a very quiet and shy little kid who was unsure of himself into a less shy but much more confident big kid.


Kovas Palubinskas said...

Not a big fan of football for kids, but it's great that Hank enjoyed it.

*~* *~* Tracy said...

We're definitely not fans of *tackle* football for kids.

There's a league closer to our home than Hank's flag team, but they are much more hardcore with multiple practices/week which is definitely not for us.

We were really happy to see how it helped Hank have more self confidence and be more willing to speak up in class and reach out to make new friends.


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