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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

TOG Year 1, Unit 1 Seder Celebration

We ended our Tapestry of Grace Year 1, Unit 1 studies with the lesson of the 12 spies being sent into the promised land,  Israel's subsequent unbelief and then condemnation to wander for 40 years. We can't overlook that during that time Israel was transformed from a nation of slaves to a nation of warriors sustained by God. Good stuff.

TOG gives suggestions for an end of Unit Celebration and our co-op decided to have a Seder dinner. I'm so glad we did! We've done a Seder dinner at Easter as a family for the past two years, but we used a Haggadah that I pieced together - and we've never participated in a 'real' Seder so we just stumbled along.

Participating in a real Seder, with a real script and people who actually speak Hebrew was quite special.

Most of the kids before the ceremony. Hank and Shane are dressed as Israelite soldiers in their armor. Ella is a just a little Hebrew girl.

H- 3rd from left; E- 3rd from right; S- 4th from right

Our table

Our Seder plate. Ella was sad that we didn't use the plate she painted until I told her we'd use it for our family Seder.

The head table

Closing her eyes while the Afikomen is hidden

This wild little 4 y/o actually sat - mostly quietly - for the whole ceremony. I was so grateful!

They hid 2 Afikomen and Hank found 1 of them. He was so excited!

Collecting his prize for finding the Afikomen

It was a wonderful evening with good friends. I'm so glad we carve this time out of our busy schedules to make  these events a priority. And my kids have each said they are really looking forward to our family celebration in the spring. I can't wait!

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