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Eleanor Roosevelt

Monday, November 01, 2010

Headlamps are our friends

This weekend was another action packed couple of days and in order to get my run in on Saturday, I had to hit the road by 6:30. Thankfully Jake was once again willing to tag along with me so I could run on the nice flat C&O canal towpath.

In the picture below I have both a flashlight and a headlamp.  The last time I ran with just a headlamp, my batteries were dying so it didn't provide as much light as I would have liked.

Saturday, as I was running I kept thinking how glad I was that I brought the flashlight since my headlamp didn't seem to be doing any good at all. Then I had an ingenious thought - perhaps I should check to see if I have even turned it on. You guessed it! It was off! 

I asked Jake why he didn't tell me it was off and he said something about how I do lots of weird stuff so
it didn't seem strange that I would wear a headlamp and not turn it on. Smart kid, eh?

We stopped at the turnaround to fuel and take pictures. After he took a couple of pictures, I told him I didn't like my triple chin so let's try a different angle. "Um, Mom I think you just have a big chin." He just gets smarter and smarter doesn't he.

The chin monster!

I felt really good the whole run. I think my body prefers arctic temperatures for running because I didn't feel like I struggled much at all.  I find running in the dark a little disorienting, especially on a trail. Is that dark spot grass or a mud puddle? You have to be mindful of rocks and small holes or dips.

But I like it because it makes me stay focused. Whenever I felt sluggish, I would concentrate on my form and straighten my core (which had usually begun to slouch). I find whenever my mind starts wandering I start to crumple up, get slouchy and then start falling apart.
My splits were: 11:08, 11:10, 10:44, 10:28, 10:18, 10:17, 9:30 - I guess I was in a hurry to get back!

My overall time for 7.01 miles was 1:13:40 with a 10:32 average pace. I'll take that!

I snacked on a tri-berry Gu starting at mile 3.5 but I probably should have started a little sooner to enjoy the benefits of it. Heck maybe my last 2 miles would have been 9:30's if I had! Ok, I doubt it but a girl can dream.

My frosty gloves

 Another good thing about running in the dark is the quiet and stillness. I like to pray when I run and it's hard not to praise God for such a gorgeous sunrise.


Yep, even when it's only 40 degrees out I sweat like a farmer in July. A closer look of this picture (which you do at your own risk!) makes it look like my sweat is frosty...or maybe I need to shave. hmmmm

That's one of my TMB Endurance Bands I'm wearing there. Stayed put under my ear warmer headband and I look mahvalous if I do say so myself - well aside from my big chin and facial hair problem but not even a super cool headband can fix that.

It was a great run and a wonderful way to start a crazy (but fun) weekend!


Teamarcia said...

I too love arctic temps but cold + dark= hard for me to get out there. Great job!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

It's nice to run in the cold and dark, as long it's neither tto cold or dark. I rode my bike for almost a year in the dark, before finally getting a headlight - so nice to see where I'm going. :)

The Green Girl said...

My headlamp is my friend, too.


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