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Monday, November 22, 2010

Ella Bella Cinderella is 7, Part 2

My sweet little buttercup turned 7 almost 2 weeks ago. We always do a family birthday with Dee Dee and all the aunts, uncles and cousins, and it's usually pretty close to the actual birthday. After her family party, her birthday totally dropped off my radar. (Judge away! I felt horrible!)

I also waited until her party to order her gifts so she didn't get any duplicates. Usually I'm a little more organized and give everyone different ideas from what we're planning to give her.

Not this year. So I ordered her stuff, and there was a federal holiday the week of her birthday so that's at least a one day delay. And we seem to live in some weird postal black hole where we sometimes receive mail almost overnight and other times it takes several days longer than expected.

Ella often leads the kids in decorating the house for other people's birthdays and without her telling them what to do,  we were scrambling that afternoon to decorate (because I volunteered us to help out with a race that morning she didn't even get to sleep in!).

In the end, she had her special birthday dinner (daddy's pizza), cake and balloons with decorations as well as a little gift she has wanted for several weeks so it wasn't a total bust. But I felt like a total slacker mom. Hopefully it won't take too many years of therapy for her to recover from the disappointment of her 7th birthday!

Her cheerful disposition even when things don't go as planned is just one of the many things I love about my princess.

Can't imagine what we did before she was ours. Definitely can't imagine what we'd do if she wasn't.
Love you, Buttercup!

at her 3rd birthday

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