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Monday, November 22, 2010

Product Review and Giveaway Live Gluten Freely

Recently, I had the opportunity take a look at LiveGlutenFreely  which is an online community created by General Mills. It offers gluten-free product news, articles and stories from folks who are gluten-free.

You'll also find recipes ranging from breakfast treats like Blueberry-Corn Muffins to kid friendly fare like Favorite Chicken Nuggets and yummy desserts like Brownie Ganache Torte with Raspberries and Carrot Cake.

You can also check out their bloggers who give real life information, tips and advice on living gluten-free.

When we first realized Shane was also allergic to wheat**, I was so overwhelmed and certain we'd never eat like normal people again. Talking to friends and acquaintances for ideas on recipes and how to handle situations like birthday parties or restaurants was invaluable and helped me realize that we could avoid gluten and still live normal lives so I think having a resource like the Live Gluten Freely bloggers would be very helpful.

There is also the Live Gluten Freely Newsletter that you can subscribe to. Every month, you'll receive great “goodies” like yummy gluten-free recipes, tips, coupons for gluten-free items, new product information and more delivered directly to your inbox. Click here to sign up today!

General Mills offers more than 300 affordable gluten-free products, available in grocery stores nationwide. If you can't find a particular General Mills gluten-free product at your local grocery store, you can print this form to fill out and give to the manager. I love that so many gluten-free foods are not only convenient now but great tasting, too. It's a nice change from nearly 5 years ago when I had to either buy all of our food at a specialty market or online, and the taste was often questionable at best.

Also, be sure to visit Live Gluten Freely on Facebook . “Like” the page and check out recipe ideas, product news and tips about living without gluten…freely!

In addition to all this great information, I was sent the prize pack pictured below. Would you like to win this prize package? Of course you would because it's all yummy stuff that you and your kids will happily devour whether you're gluten-free or not.

Here are the ways you can enter.

1) Follow my blog or let me know that you already do (Leave 1 comment)

OPTIONAL (do none, 1, or all - it's up to you)
2) Like Live Gluten Freely on Facebook (Leave 1 comment)
3) Link this on your blog, Tweet it or post it on Facebook (Leave 1 comment for each that you do)
4) Subscribe to the Live Gluten Freely Newsletter and let me know that you did (Leave 1 comment)
5) Are you gluten-free? What's your favorite gf food (besides chocolate or wine, of course)? (Leave 1 comment)

I'll use to choose a winner on Tuesday, November 30th!

*The products, information and prize packs were all given to me from General Mills through MyBlogSpark for free but the opinions are my own 

** Shane had/has non-IgE allergies to wheat, dairy (incl. casein & whey), and corn products. He has outgrown the wheat and corn allergies and can tolerate some dairy products on a limited basis.


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No better gf food besides chocolate AND wine

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I follow your blog.

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I Like Live Gluten Freely on Facebook.

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I Subscribe to the Live Gluten Freely Newsletter.

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