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Monday, October 25, 2010

Preparing for our Unit Celebration

We use Tapestry of Grace for our core curriculum and enjoy a bi-monthly co-op where we do crafts and fun activities.  The curriculum is broken into 4 units, each is 9 weeks, and at the end of each unit you can do a Unit Celebration.

These can be as fancy and amazing or as simple and easy as you want.  Being in a co-op helps to make it a little more on the fancy and amazing side.

This year we're in Year 1 which is Ancient History and for our first unit celebration we're going to have a Seder dinner. Most of the evening's activities will be geared towards the older kids, but the littles are helping out with some of the decorations.

They're painting the Seder plate centerpieces for each table. Ella took such care with hers and it turned out really well. She was very proud of her plate. We'll definitely use it when we do our own family Seder in the Spring.

Another thing they're working on is a Tabernacle reproduction. It won't be finished in time for our Unit Celebration but the kids are having a great time doing it. 

They were supposed to paint the pegs a copper color and we gave them paint brushes. The boys quickly discovered that they got better coverage quicker if they just rolled the pegs in the paint. Of course their hands were then copper colored but they didn't seem to mind.

Our celebration is this coming Saturday evening so I have to spend this week figuring out how to dress 6 of us like ancient Israelites. Yikes!!

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