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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Flat and Fast

That's how the course for Hank's cross country meet was described to us. And it did not disappoint. I'll spare you the suspense. My boy brought it with a 31 second PR, finishing his 2K in 9:29. Woot!

You really DON"T have to go with me on the course walk, Mom!

Except that I really DO because he's a goofy 8 y/o who doesn't always pay attention to things like roots, rocks and holes as well as other trip hazards.

Exhibit A that 8 y/o boys are adorable yet very goofy

I'd like to extend a big ol' OH NO YOU DIDN"T! to the lady who took her dog on the course walk. Cute? Yea, until he POOPED just a couple of feet off the course! Did we miss something in common sense and manners class???

The goofy boys thought it was pretty funny until I told Hank he'd have to walk home if he stepped in it (joking of course!). Turns out he almost had to walk home because of our flat tire. Who knew! :D

Stretching with his team

We were disappointed to see one of the little guys on our team get tripped up and fall at the start of the race. He popped right up and kept running but he didn't do nearly as well as he usually does.

I didn't realize they often call the runners back if someone falls at the start. I guess they didn't see him because he jumped up so fast.

And they're off!

Friends of ours live near where the meet was held so I asked if they'd like to come cheer for Hank and they did. I warned them to be ready for lots of insane, loud parents running to different parts of the course to cheer for their kids, but I think it's the kind of thing you have to experience to really appreciate.

Looking strong in the first half

In the picture below, the guy on the left in all black is the coach of the kid in orange behind Hank. You can only see half of him. His coach is telling him to go get Hank. What his coach didn't know is that my friend's husband was at the final corner about 50 yards from the finish. Tim leaned over and said something to Hank as he went by and Hank turned on the rockets.

He finished stronger than he's ever finished before, and he and the orange kid battled it out just inches apart to the very end when Hank edged him out and finished ahead of him.

As you can imagine that was insanely exciting and I was yelling my brains out so I didn't get any pictures of the finish despite being right there.

His hard fought ribbon

So proud of this little monkey!

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