You must do the things you think you cannot do.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Flat Tire as a Social Experiment

On our way home from Hank's cross country meet today I heard a sad 'wump wump wump' sound. Pulled into a parking lot and confirmed that I had a flat tire.

I haven't had a flat since I was 16 when my dad changed it and then undid everything, putting the flat back on the car. Then he made me change it myself. So I did have at least an idea of HOW to change a tire. What I lacked this afternoon was brute strength.

Jake and I dug the spare, jack and lug wrench out and proceeded to get to work.  I forgot that you should loosen the lug nuts BEFORE you jack up the car. Lower the car. Try again.

I don't know who put those nuts on but they were STRONG! They would not budge!

Trying to take off the hubcap hoping it will give me more leverage to loosen the lug nuts
At least I look good sporting my TMB Endurance Band!

What made it a social experiment?  Well, we were in  a high school parking lot between Hank's cross country meet, a baseball field of players and a football field full of soccer players so there was A LOT of traffic back and forth. Two separate runners (men) went by. Many, many cars and trucks with men and women went by.

Trying really hard to loosen those babies

A couple of people looked our way like they were considering stopping, but NO ONE stopped. Maybe it wasn't obvious that we needed help?? Maybe....we had all the doors open, the hatch open, the tray thingy that covers the spare was on the ground, tools laying around, and me standing looking a little red in the face with my cell phone stuck to my ear trying to get in touch with Bill (who had his phone on vibrate and missed my 42 increasingly urgent calls and messages). So I think it was pretty clear things weren't going well.

Calling in the big guns

After at least 30 minutes I realized I was going to need to reach out for help so I called my friend Shari who lives nearby really hoping her husband was home and healthy - their oldest daughter was just diagnosed with mono so they're quarantined right now. Thankfully Todd was healthy and willing to come help us!

While waiting for Todd a man drove by and then circled back and asked if we needed help. I restrained myself from hugging his neck and said 'YES!' He even admitted that he's had to stand on a lug wrench before to loosen the lug nuts. I didn't feel like such a wimp then.

Still didn't loosen a bit

Good Samaritan Man finished just as Todd drove up. I was so grateful for both of them being willing to help me!
I think people hesitated to stop because I had Jake with me. He and I joked that maybe he should hide so it would be just me and Hank.  Maybe someone would have stopped then?

Hopefully I won't have an opportunity to find out any time soon!


abbi said...

I'm surpised no one stopped to help sooner, but at least you were able to get it taken care of eventually!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

I ususally offer, but so often people look fearful and say no.

*~* *~* Tracy said...

That's interesting K.

If it had happened at night time I would have been a little nervous, but I'm a big believer in going with your gut and the guy who stopped to help didn't make me nervous at all.


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