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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Biking with the fam

I forgot I had a bunch of pictures on Jake's camera and he just got them to me.  About two weeks ago we loaded up the truck with kids, bikes and a picnic lunch and headed to Sheperdstown. 

They all look like they're from Sombertown for some reason. They really were excited to have a picnic and then ride. Honest!

My big 8 y/o with an even bigger head. His helmet was giving him a headache so Bill let Hank wear his. And he's wearing my gloves. Such a cute little mess!

On their way up to a cave just off the trail (they didn't go in; the last part of the trail was too steep for them)

Hank almost ran over this little guy accidentally. Major trauma for my animal lovers. The mole survived and no children threw themselves into the river with grief.

There's a great little store north of Sheperdstown at mile 76 called Barron's. They're only open on weekends and only take cash so plan ahead. Anyhoo, they cater to cyclists mainly but have ice cream, some fruit and drinks along with a few souvenier-like trinkets.

You can get there by exiting the towpath at the boat ramp access road or you can send your 8 y/o down a steep, rocky path that cuts across the canal.  Of course if you choose the latter be prepared for your 8 y/o to take a header over the handle bars into what looks like poison ivy but could really be false nettle.*

Thankfully, the really nice folks at Barron's will give you wet soapy paper towels to wash any affected arms and legs. And your 8 y/o may think it was really cool to wipe out in such an epic fashion...especially since he didn't break his neck in the process.

We made it back to the truck without any further excitement, and all told, we rode about 15 miles and had a really good time!

*I went down the steep, rocky path first. I was looking over my shoulder to tell Hank to get off and walk down just in time to see him crash.

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