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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hank's first football game

Hank's first football game was this morning, and I think anyone who has seen or talked to us in the last month was very aware of it. Hank has been so excited about it that he tells anyone who will listen that he plays football and his first game was coming up soon.

I walked in the door after my run just a few minutes after 7 and he was dressed and ready to go. Ella and Shane were still snoring!

Is it time to go? Is it? It's time to go now isn't it? We need to leave soon? Should I go get in the car? and so on until it was finally time to leave! So cute!

We had to arrive an HOUR early to get pictures taken. Thankfully in the future we'll need to just show up for his game and then we can bolt.

Here's his team. Aren't they adorable!

He's taking this very seriously! It cracks me up just a little because I'm not sure he completely understands the rules so he's just kind of running around (they all are!). Apparently flag football is pretty complicated. The dad of one of the boys is a high school football coach and he said he doesn't understand the rules either. Yikes!

I will say I noticed improvement even from the beginning of the game to the end. The ball was on the ground a lot in the beginning, but they were (seemingly) making plays at the end.

I think they keep score, but I'm not sure who won; Hank isn't sure either. A couple of times we thought they scored and it was called back for some reason. In the end, the boys didn't seem to care. They just really enjoyed running around, passing and catching.

He's already making sure I know he has a game next Saturday and that we need to get there early so he can warm up with his friends. Fun times!

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The Green Girl said...

I have to admit that is one cute football team. ::grins::


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