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Friday, August 06, 2010

Picnic at Hain's Point

Bill's work picnic was today at Hain's Point in DC.Very nice park on the Potomac across from National Airport.  It was a great picnic for a government get together - government = no 'company' money to fund the fun so everyone pays a little something to put it together. I was impressed.

My days as a Fed included very sad covered dish get togethers, in the office, at lunch time, with all the non-executives setting up,eating quickly, and then cleaning up all while answering the phone and emails in between bites.  This, however, was a nice partay, and I'm glad we were able to make it.

Bill took Hank on the train with him this morning so Ella, Shane, Jake and I drove the little car to the park. I was armed and ready with my map; I had the route highlighted and memorized the names of the roads I would pass as well as the turns I would make (I can find my way almost anywhere - until - I cross into DC and then my sense of direction flies out the window).

Happily we found our way there with not one wrong turn. As Shane would say, "YES!"

We got there and ate some very yummy food and played games and took about a million pictures.

Ella and Shane got their faces painted. Shane got his done twice because his watermelon washed off his first paint job.

Hank found a handful of kids to play soccer and then kickball with. He stopped only to get a drink and pose for pictures for his crazy mother.

I am smiling. Can I go play now, please??

I figured I would retrace my steps to get home. Ha! You haven't driven in DC have you, my dear?  The circle I came in on allows only buses, taxis and bicycles to go out so I would have to turn to go under the bridge and then around to the ramp to get on it.  I didn't realize this until I was firmly in the wrong lane. So I turned onto the cross street thinking I could circle back. Double Ha! The road I saw on the map that would double back to my starting point was closed for construction.

Further into the city we drove (another block or two) and I found a street to turn around on. Whew! Headed in the right direction again.  I saw the signs for the bridge I wanted. Yes!  Until we got to the ramp. Closed and under construction so I would have to take the next bridge over the Potomac.

Do I want to go East or West??? aagh!  At the last minute I guessed West and thankfully that was right. We made it to the parkway without one tear or frustrated outburst (by me).  I realized the beltway would be a parking lot (Friday night in DC) so I called Bill to 1. let him know of my amazing navigation skills*, and 2. see if there was another route I could take home.

Our connection was breaking up, but he gave me quick directions to take River Rd. What I could make out involved lots of stop signs, turns and traffic lights. Something  about MacArthur Blvd and Falls Rd was in there too.  Personally, I'd rather drive in circles for a hundred  miles than sit in traffic so I figured we'd wing it and see where we ended up.

It turned out to be pretty simple and I made it home with no wrong turns. I love when that happens!

It was a really fun day and the kids are already looking forward to next year!

*I had to tell him about my mad skilz because years ago when we were in the process of adopting Ella I got hopelessly lost in DC. The boys and I needed to take the last of our dossier (our entire lives in paper form) from the Chinese Embassy on Wisconsin Ave to our agency in McLean, VA (about 15 minutes away). It took me 1 and a half HOURS to drive what should have been about 10 miles.  I was in tears - wanted to get there before the office closed or we'd have to wait another week for our dossier to go to China - and pretty much demanding he figure out where I was so he could tell me where to go - which I'm sure he was biting his tongue over. lol!

So, yes, I felt like I had grown a little as a person today by not breaking down in tears or yelling at my poor husband because I was clueless.  Continuing sanctification is what's happening here, folks. It's a good thing. :)

Oh, and if you want to see the bazillion pix I took today you'll have to be my friend, on Facebook that is, because that's where I put them all. 


Josh Healy said...

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ajh said...

I am impressed that you drive in DC. I would not! I ran on Haines Point with my daughter -well she biked - in June and loved it!

The Green Girl said...

I hate driving in DC, too. Urgh. When people try to say Southern California is the craziest driving I always think to myself 'you must not have driven in DC!'.


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