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Sunday, August 08, 2010

A Day at Antietam

Yesterday was a fun day for us...Shane's cold has reached new, green, slimey heights (or depths as it runs from his nose) and Ella went to take a nap 'not feeling good' and woke up in time to barf on her bed.

Of course they both woke up feeling fine this morning, but we opted not to share the love by taking them to church this morning. It was pretty hot today but not as humid so we decided a little day trip to Antietam would be fun.

We got there just in time to enlist the boys in the Confederate army. Hank did pretty well, but all the drills are for right handed people so he kept whacking Shane and the kid behind Shane with his gun.  Shane looked pretty stinkin' adorable out there trying really hard to be a big kid.

Watching big bro for what to do. They were shooting at the porto potty which they all thought was hilarious.

In line to get their pay. They got $1 in Confederate money and a $2 check from the Monticello bank in Charlottesville, VA.

Sitting in Dunker Church. I can't imagine why they're laughing so much...

This explains a lot doesn't it

At Mumma Cemetary

Shane pushing Princess Ella  (who walked maybe 20 steps the whole time!) at Roulette Farm

Daddy pushing Princess Ella from Roulette Farm to the Observation Tower

He may have even carried her up the stairs

I'm usually the picture taker, not the takee

At Burnside Bridge. They were beginning to fade by this point

We stopped in Boonsboro for ice cream. I think she liked it.

Just another fun day with the fam.
We have to squeeze the last drops out of summer because school starts next week!!

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The Green Girl said...

Aw, I'm glad they recovered in time to enjoy some of their weekend.

I love the reenactment shots - so cool!


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