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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Upward Football

Hank has been counting down on the calendar and asking me everyday for weeks if it was time. Today, it was time. Time to lace up his new football cleats and drive to Charles Town so he could sign up for flag football.

You probably don't remember our first experience with Upward- you can read about it here and here. There are only two posts because after the second practice, Hank pretty much refused to play unless I went on the court with him... not exactly an option with a 2 y/o on my hip.

Fast forward 2 years, and all he has talked about lately is that he wants to play football. I discovered there's an Upward Football league less than 15 miles away (that's not very far if you're country folk) so we're taking the plunge.

Listening to the instructions.
We're off to a good start

He ran fast

Caught the ball (even when the guy accidentally nailed him in the face)

And threw it at the tire
He actually threw it through the tire once. Pretty good for a kid who prefers to catch the ball and tackle people (sometimes in the same play)

He did a great job. Way to go Hank!

Practices start in about a month so we'll have to start another countdown calendar. We can't wait!

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