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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Boot camp and recap

Recaps are hard to write when there's not much to recap. We had a pretty light schedule week this week which was a nice change from previous weeks. Next week is crazy busy so I'll have more to talk about, but this week you're stuck just reading about my workouts. :)

Karma continues to keep me busy (and motivated!) with her weekly bootcamps. This past week's boot camp was fun as well as challenging. I completed the Boot Camp in addition to my usual pushups, situps, wall sits, planks and tricep work (I really want that flab on my arms to go away!).

10 sets of jack+ropes (25 jumping jacks followed immediately by 25 jump ropes=1 set)
5 – 30 to 60 second rounds of quick feet
100 seal jacks
100 push ups
100 crunches
25 crunches followed immediately by a 30 second plank (4 times)
25 seated leg extension/tucks
2 sets table top tucks
I'm 3 weeks away from the Women's Distance Festival 5K in Frederick, and a little more than 2 months away from my next goal race, Freedom's Run Half Marathon in WV. Still using Higdon's Novice Half training plan and enjoying it.

Monday - ran 2 miles with the wife of Hank's track coach. I was going to run another 4 to meet Bill and the kids who were fishing farther down the trail but the humidity killed me and I ran just 2.1 more and then drove to meet them. So a total of 4.1 miles

Tuesday - was just stretch and strengthen so I did quite a bit of Boot Camp work then.

Wednesday - met Hank's track coach and other members of the team to run in a nearby town. Ella wanted to come so I had her in the stroller. We ran on a freshly paved road which was hotter than hot. It's an out and back, and Coach estimated the distance to be "about a mile" so I ran a little farther before turning around. I measured it with the car afterwards and the regular turn around spot is .8 miles. Where I turned around is .9 so I was a little short of what my plan called for that day. I didn't worry about it too much since it was hilly, hot and I had the stroller. So 1.8 miles.

Thursday - 3 miles was the plan. My treadmill is new to me and I'm still figuring out all the bells and whistles. I attempted to use one of the pre-programmed runs because it looked like it had some nice incline variations.  It did, and it also went a little faster than my tree trunks like to carry me so I spent a lot of time fiddling with the controls. It did help pass the time and when it was over I ran 3.1 miles.

Friday - 30 minutes of cross training was on the schedule. I thought it would be fun to take the kids on a bike ride and then run while they rode some more. I rode 6 miles with Ella and Shane in the trailer. Jake rode with Hank who is still gaining confidence on two wheels. I finished, loaded my stuff in the truck, changed shoes and set out to run while Ella, Hank and Shane rode their bikes and Jake walked with them. Ha! Shane would have no part of it. He wanted Mommy. I made it about half a mile down the trail with E and H when I heard a screaming banshee running my direction. So I turned around and walked/jogged back holding his hand and pushing Ella on her bike with the other. I figure that's a pretty decent workout all by itself. So a 6 mile ride and 1 mile run/jog/walk.

Saturday - scheduled for 4. Tried a new route that I knew was at least that. It's definitely rolling but not with any killer hills like my usual route. The tree trunks were not having any part of it today and I ended walking about a third of the way. I was so slow that Bill actually hopped on his bike to come looking for me (forgot my cell. whoops!). Used MapMyRun to find it was 4.46 miles.

Tomorrow is a rest day but it's my turn to help teach the 3-4 y/o's at church so I won't be doing any resting!

So my weekly run total is 14.46 miles and 6 miles on the bike.

Happy Running!

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