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Eleanor Roosevelt

Saturday, July 24, 2010

What's the Matter at the Library?

I found out that a few library systems in Maryland *cancelled* their summer reading program.  I was  completely shocked and couldn't imagine not having a summer reading program. Thankfully Frederick County did not cancel their program and has had some very cool events for kids to attend.

This morning we attended What's the Matter? put on by the Maryland Science Center which is in Baltimore. Very fun!

Ella got to be  Miss Gas for the first experiment. I won't make any comment on her qualifications for the title other than to say she is qualified. ;)

Hank and Ella couldn't be more different in this regard. She'll jump on stage and do most anything. Hank would rather hide under the carpet than be in front of a crowd.

Making a cloud with liquid nitrogen and hot water

Daddy dropped by with Shane just in time for the loud balloon explosions.
Shane wasn't very excited about it at all.

The cool foam they made mixing this and that

They did such fun experiments it almost made me want to be a scientist. Almost.

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