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Eleanor Roosevelt

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cross Training is Fun

Bill took the boys camping over the weekend so it was just Ella and I on our own. Usually when Bill takes the kids I run around in a frenzy cleaning and organizing the house. Either I'm becoming more mellow about dirt or I've decided having fun is higher on the list than cleaning house because I didn't vacuum even once while they were gone.

Ella painted her nails about 10 times, and I read a book, watched a chick flick, hung out with friends and dragged Ella out into the heat and dust for a bike ride.

I really enjoy riding my bike and could almost be tempted to become a biker chick instead of a runner girl.

The cons are all the gear you have to schlep- the rack, the bike, and your helmet and gloves. And that's just the basic stuff. To run all you need are shoes and some folks don't even need those.

The pros are that it's much easier on my stomach. I can hydrate and refuel without worrying about barfing (or worse). For some reason Ella and Shane ride a little happier in the bike trailer than they do the stroller. Of course you can go much farther much faster without completely wiping yourself out.

I'm too lazy to mess with loading and unloading a bike every day so I'm sticking with running. (I am committed to cross training so I'm glad that I actually enjoy riding my bike.) I thought 10 miles on the tow path would be a fun way to spend Sunday afternoon so Ella packed her water and snacks and off we went!

Here we are at the beginning

This is around the second mile. The first one flew by so fast that I missed the marker.

Catching some zzzz's around mile 3

Turned around at Mile 5

On the way back around Mile 6

Back at the car

Fun times with my sweet girlie!


Tricia said...

great pics

Molly said...

I just realized that I have so much running gear that I am now a high maitenance runner!!


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