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Friday, May 28, 2010

TOS Review Light Speed AP English & Composition

The AP* English Language & Composition is one of the most popular AP* exams, with over 335,000 students taking the test in 2009. Using  the  Light Speed: AP English Language & Composition Exam Prep DVD from Cerebellum students will become equipped with the foundations of rhetorical knowledge and will develop the tools for critical thinking, writing, and analysis.

Thirty topics are broken down into 30 minutes of lessons presented by students and provide tips and strategies on passing the test, and give insightful advice on writing the short-response answers. It comes with a 20 page digital workbook with information ranging from time strategies for taking the test to worksheets and practice tests (with answers).

They did a good job of breaking down the individual topics and explaining them, often using well known literary pieces to illustrate the point, and they discuss strategies and tips for the three essays that are part of the AP exam- analytical, argumentative and synthesis.

This isn't a stand alone product but could serve as a good refresher before taking the test especially if your student is an auditory learner. The material is covered at a fast pace, but armed with the remote, he can pause the DVD and go back to anything he missed.

I watched some of the previews for other topics offered by Cerebellum, and they were pretty funny and entertaining. This one is just a handful of students presenting information. While not completely boring, it's not exactly a party either. You can watch a sample clip by clicking here.

Light Speed Writing English Language & Composition is available for only $11.24.

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*I received this product for free so that I could give my opinion of it. No other compensation was made.

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