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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Visit to the Botanic Garden in DC

The US Botanic Garden has a really cool Christmas display that I didn't want to miss (it's up until tomorrow, 1/10/10, if you want to head down to see it for yourself) so I loaded up the kids and off we went. Very thankfully Bill works near the Capital; we met him outside his office so he could drive 6 blocks farther away to really cheap parking, and we walked 3 blocks from his office to the Mall. Make sense? thought so... :)

It was cold. No doubt, but the wind wasn't blowing and the sun was out. What a difference that made. Traffic was bad and it took us over an hour to get there so I let the kids run around the big fountain, pond thingy they have out front. It was almost completely frozen, and we stayed for a while watching the sea gulls and pigeons slide-land on the ice. We're simple people here, and small things entertain us.

Obligatory group shot in front of the giant Christmas tree they have inside.

They made replicas of different buildings and monuments using plant materials. It was really cool.

Shane pretending to be a soldier. I may get one of these for the house. It's the longest he's ever stood still.

They had a gallery of 'plants in everyday life' type things. Here Ella is smelling thyme (I think). They had all sorts of scents that were really, really strong smelling so we didn't spend much time at that table. From a distance these looked like just metal flower sculptures. We got closer and realized that in the center of the flowers there were more things to smell. Each cluster of flowers was for different recipes. The flower below has one of the spice ingredients for Jamaican chicken.

A display of things made of corn. The kids all made terrible sounds when they saw it. Shane is allergic to corn so I always make faces when reading food ingredients. The world is being taken over by corn growers. I'm convinced of it.

Water attracts kids like honey attracts bees. My little darling later walked right into a fountain outside the garden. Thankfully his snow boots are waterproof.

They have a room of orchids. Smelled very nice in there. Unfortunately, it's a very small room, and orchids attract little old ladies like honey attracts bees so we couldn't linger in there.
Visiting the desert where Shane accidentally kicked over a small cactus. We left that room pretty fast, too.

They had a room dedicated to their Christmas display where the buildings were all made of plant materials- like a miniature Rose Parade. This room was much more kid friendly so we spent a lot of time in here.

We packed our lunch and ate in one of the courtyards in the outdoor part of the garden (where Shane walked into the fountain).
My grandparents sent the kids some pocket money for Christmas, and they wanted to go to the Air and Space museum to the gift shop (thanks Nana and Grandpa!). We made it into the museum- which was no small feat since everyone has to go through security- and Shane pretty much lost his mind. We did a quick spin through the gift shop and then headed back to daddy's office so we could head home.
Once we were in the car he settled down so we made an unscheduled stop to visit the Theodore Roosevelt memorial just off the parkway. That'll be a separate post though.

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