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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

TOS Review Math Tutor DVD

Math Tutor DVD sent us two of their DVDs to review. The mailman brought them just as we were leaving for a 2+ hour drive to my mother in law's. Captive audience...perfect.

We first popped in Young Minds, Numbers and Counting, and Shane was hooked from the start. It's a high quality video along the lines of Baby Einstein. The music is excellent; the pictures are sharp and engaging; the sound quality is very good, and the most adorable sounding little kid narrates the video.

From their website:

Your child will learn:
- Learn to recognize the numbers 1-10.
- Associate the number with physical objects.
- Count from 1-10.- Animal names and sounds.
- Fruits and Vegetables.
- Names of colors.
- Names of machines such as cars, airplanes, etc.

The entire DVD is set to rousing classical music pieces by:Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Brahms, and Vivaldi!

Bonus Features:
- Repeat Play
- Picture Puzzles
- Connect the Dots- Name the Animal

Hank and Ella will also sit and watch this with Shane. We enthusiastically recommend this video for little ones.

Young Minds-Numbers and Counting is available for $19.99.

Next on tap was The Basic Math Word Problem Tutor. It wasn't exactly fair to follow a fun and lively animal-filled DVD with a teacher standing in front of a white board explaining word problems so we spent more time with this once we got home. :)

Taught by Jason Gibson the topics range from adding whole numbers to ratios and proportions. He does a great job of breaking down the problems into understandable bites and walking the student through the solution.

What helped Hank in particular was how Jason describes the key words you should look for in a word problem to help you determine what action to take.... 'how many more than' for addition problems, etc.

This is another high quality video that you should definitely check out if you have a student struggling with word problems.

You can buy the Basic Math Word Problem Tutor for $26.99.

Math Tutor offers DVDs for courses ranging from Basic Math to Physics so you know they have something for you.

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*I received these DVDs for free so that I may offer my opinion of them. No other compensation was made.

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