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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

TOS Review Worship Guitar Class, Vol 1

We received the Worship Guitar Class DVD by Jean Welles to review. I'm about as musical as well, nothing; though Jake has been interested in learning the guitar so the timing was great. We spent a couple of weeks looking for a guitar to borrow so he didn't have the opportunity to spend as much time with this as he would have liked, but he enjoyed the program overall.

Jake went from never having a guitar lesson to being able to play a couple of chords. He said the lessons were straight forward and easy to follow. He got stuck on one lesson, and after watching it a couple of times, he needed Bill's help to solve the problem. (Bill's a 5-string picker.) Watching Jake practice has inspired the littles to learn with him. They have a 1/2 guitar (that is in terrible shape after years of use and abuse) that they take turns with while he watches his lesson. I don't know about the littles, but Jake plans to continue with the DVD which I think is great.

The DVD comes with a booklet of songs and chords in English and Spanish. I most appreciate Jean's letter to the student at the beginning. She encourages the student to begin each lesson in prayer and also to pray if you are struggling with a particular chord or your fingers hurt and so on. You can't help but feel that Jean's heart is to not just teach people to play the guitar but to also worship the Lord and know Him more.

You can sign up for her free e-newsletter and receive access to a chord chart and tips, and you can watch a portion of a lesson by clicking here. Her website contains a wealth of information. You can read articles about guitar care, what to do about sore fingers, what defines worship and more.

There are four volumes available; you can purchase the DVD and accompanying book for each volume for $29.95, or you can purchase all four DVDs for $99.80. The four DVDs with accompanying books are available for $119.80. The books contain the same information as the booklet, which is included with the DVD. You may want them if you're teaching a class or just prefer a larger book.

You can also buy just the books for $5.95 each though it's recommended that you use them with the DVD. If you're looking for one stop shopping, you can choose between three different packages which include a guitar, stand, DVD, etc ranging in price from $197.58 to $299.

Not interested in learning the guitar? No worries, Jean offers lessons for a number of other instruments from drums to the violin.

She also offers a 1 year 100% money back guarantee on her videos and music. There's a 30 day money back guarantee for guitars, tuners, piano program, other guitar books, etc.

Get over there and check it out. You can read what other TOS Crew members think of this great product by clicking here.

* I received this product for free so that I may offer my opinion of it. No other compensation was made.

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