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Saturday, January 09, 2010

FIAR Lapbook for A Pair of Red Clogs

I'm a little behind on my lapbooks posts. The latest one we did was A Pair of Red Clogs which I just loved. Most of the lapbook components are from Homeschool Share
The front cover


Writing numbers in Japanese
Then we made a clog so that we could play the weather predicting game. We only made one since I was running low on materials, and you only need one clog to play the game. The girls were disappointed because they wanted to wear them. :)

Then we made barometers. I got the idea for this from Shannon

We tossed our clogs in the air a few times and got different results each time. The kids agreed it was more fun to toss clogs, but using the barometer was probably a better way to predict the weather.


Sheri said...

A Pair of Red Clogs is one of our favorite FIAR books! We have done the clog thing and such-but never the lapbook cuz I suspect it didn't exist when I did it with my daughter some 8 or so years ago. LOL...I will have to pull up the HSS site and do this with the boy soon. Ahh...did ya do a meal with chopsticks and eat at a low table (Japanese inspired food)? My kids loved that. Thanks for stopping by my blog-hope to see ya around often. Have a great week ahead!

Tracy said...

Hi Sheri!
The lapbooks I've done so far have been for the K/1 students in our history co-op. We only have 2 hours so the lapbooks and activities have been very simple. We did eat our snack with chopsticks, and we talked about how in Japan they often eat around a low table, but our snack wasn't Japanese inspired - graham crackers :).
Thanks for stopping by!


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