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Friday, January 22, 2010

FIAR Lapbook Boxes for Katje

Here's the lapbook we did for Boxes for Katje. I just loved this story! Ella really enjoyed it, too. I created it for the K/1 class in our Tapestry of Grace co-op. The older siblings were all studying WWII so this tied in nicely for the little ones. At home, I have Ella sit and listen when Hank and I are doing history. Having her own 'history' lesson that related to the big kids' lesson was fun for her.

Here's the cover. The kids drew a hand print tulip and colored it. Ella's is purple. You're shocked I can tell.
Below that is a pocket folder with cut outs of the life cycle of a tulip which they numbered from 1 to 4.

Here's the inside. From upper left we have a booklet to list the items that were sent to Katje, a map of that part of Europe so the kids could color in the Netherlands, some symbols of the Netherlands, a chocolate fractions accordion, and then a matchbook about generosity.

I had Ella list on one side the items that were sent to Katje in the story, and on the other side she listed the things she would have sent- books, clothes, chocolate and toys.

The kids cut and pasted 1Timothy 6:17-18 in the generosity matchbook and then wrote one way they could be generous.

The chocolate bar fraction accordian.

And the symbols of the Netherlands booklet

Another simple but fun lapbook.

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